Custom Designed Skating Dresses and Apparel - Ladu

All of the skating dresses and dance apparel displayed can be customed designed for your performance. Prices displayed with custom designs are estimates based on the design, fabrics, and rhinestones. A $150 non-refundable desposit is all that is needed to start your design.


1. Pay the deposit (see above)

2. Copy of the music (can be a YouTube link or a cut) and a description of the character represented in the choreography 

3. Input from the people involved in the dress (coaches, chreographers, skater. If you have any likes/dislikes, please let me know, such as no turtlenecks, only long sleeves, etc.)

4. Budget line for the dress 

5. A picture of the skater so I can see how their body is built. (Standing position, not in a mid-skating pose)

6. Due date for dress

7. Measurements of the skater

Custom Design

1 thru 17 of 17 items
Competition dress #21 7
Competition dress #21
all that jazz 23
all that jazz
flower dress 24
flower dress
Asian theme pink dress 79
Asian theme pink dress
Coral dress 82
Coral dress
Swan dress 84
Swan dress
Summer dress 85
Summer dress
Black and red 86
Black and red
Red polka 87
Red polka
Strike  88
lightning 89
Red spanish 90
Red spanish
Tango 91
All over flowers 92
All over flowers
Chandelier 93
Heart 95
fair 96

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