Custom Ice Skating and Dance Apparel for Pairs - Ladu


All of the skating dresses and dance apparel displayed can be customed designed for your performance. Prices displayed with custom designs are estimates based on the design, fabrics, and rhinestones. A $150 non-refundable desposit is all that is needed to start your design.


1 thru 22 of 22 items
12 12
Olivia and Josh 14
Olivia and Josh
15 15
Caydee and Jonh 16
Caydee and Jonh
Alexa and Chris 26
Alexa and Chris
Alexa and Chris 31
Alexa and Chris
Ladu Pair 134
Ladu Pair
Ladu Pair 146
Ladu Pair
Berit and Jabe 212
Berit and Jabe
Ashlee and Misha 214
Ashlee and Misha
Breanna and Maxim 217
Breanna and Maxim
Breanna and Maxim 220
Breanna and Maxim
Kate and Vlad 231
Kate and Vlad
Jim and Julia 276
Jim and Julia
Катюша and Max 286
Катюша and Max
Ladu Pair 295
Ladu Pair
Heaven and Brandon 296
Heaven and Brandon
Heaven and Brandon 309
Heaven and Brandon
Sarah and Daniel 319
Sarah and Daniel
Katya and Max 321
Katya and Max
Jasmine and Danil 322
Jasmine and Danil
Julia and Jim 325
Julia and Jim

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